Daily Bulletin

Attea Middle School Bulletin for Thursday, March 21, 2019

Attention Artists!

Attention Artists! AIRBORNE, the student writing anthology, is still looking for artists to create cover designs AND to draw pictures for use on the inside of the book. Black and white drawings work best. Doodles, realistic sketches, cartoons, or comic book style images are all encouraged.

For both Cover and Artwork, the deadline is April 5th. So keep creating, keep drawing, and let Mr. Dzianott know if you have any questions.

No After School Activites on Friday

This Friday there will be no after school activities and the LRC will be closed after school. There will also be no late activity buses. All students should plan on going home directly after school on Friday.

Today's Entree Menu Choices

Featured main entrees are Taco Nachos with tortilla chips, Popcorn Chicken regular or hot & spicy, or Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza.

Featured salad is Southwest salad or veg salad with or without hardboiled egg.

Featured veggie is Refried beans with cheese.

Featured fruit is Seasonal fresh fruit

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