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Springman Middle School Bulletin for Friday, February 24, 2017

Wildcat Morning Announcements 2/24/2017

WILDCAT MASCOT CLUB: Please save the date. Our next meeting with be Monday, February 27th at 3 PM in the Drama room. Please make sure the you are present or speak to Mrs. Bergmann or Mrs. Nellis if you are unable to attend!

GLOBAL LANGUAGES CLUB:Global Language Club will be meeting next Tuesday to celebrate Mardi Gras!!! Please join us for mask making, King's cake and a lot of fun! Bring your own beverage and meet in the LRTC right after school!!! Everyone is welcome! Let's get into the Mardi Gras spirit Wildcats - everyone wear gold, green and/or violet on Tuesday even if you can't attend the club meeting.

HOOPS FOR HEARTS:This is the final day of Hoops for Heart. Today is all about what to eat to remain heart healthy. There are tons and tons of foods that are beneficial to the heart but let’s focus on snacks. Berries, nuts and dark chocolate! This is the trifecta of heart healthy snacks that are chock full of phytonutrients, flavonoids and protein to keep you satisfied. Just make sure you eat 70% or more cacao dark chocolate and don’t indulge too much. Get a handful and enjoy the benefits!

The first round of Hoops for Heart games are complete. Next week are the second and final championship rounds. Check the bracket for your time and gym and opponent. Your heart thanks you for participating.

DANCE CLUB:Good Morning, just a reminder that Dance Club will be meeting today after school, in the cafeteria at 3:05pm. Please come dressed in the appropriate attire and be ready to dance! We hope to see you there!

8TH GRADE BOYS VOLLEYBALL:Congratulations to the 8th grade boys volleyball team on their victory over Gemini last night. The boys won in two sets thanks to good defense & great serving. Keep up the good work!


Taste of the Wildcat: Regular or Hot & Spicy Chicken Patty on a bun

Wildcat Habitat: Cheese Quesadilla or Bosco Cheese Breadsticks

Featured Daily Fruits & Vegetables Include: Mandarin Oranges, Roasted Sweet Potatoes or Steamed Corn

Entree Salad: Vegetarian Chef

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